A few reasons why you may want to meet with me:

Enjoy a better life, whilst reducing and eliminating disease (e.g cancer, heart disease, diabetes, IBS).

Lose weight and gain health the Organicflexitarian way.

Talks: healthy ways of living for clarity of mind, serenity, healthy bodies and happy tummies.

Bev Wium shares the word of health in the Fourways/Lonehill area, at your venue; around the country, around the world; at churches, schools, people's homes, businesses! Bev lectured at JAFFAE (Johannesburg Academy of Finishing and Etiquette) - a finishing school in Greenside and Pretoria for 8 years, as well as at Equilibria - a school of refinement based in Potchefstroom. Bev also consults, teaches and lectures at Hoogland Health Hydro (since January 2016). Her favourite talk is the Mood Foods and Emotion talk.

Mood Foods and Emotions Talk with Bev Wium 

You are invited to answer the following 11 questions (Count the ‘yeses’ on your fingers):

  1. I am overweight and don’t seem to be able to easily lose the extra weight.
  2. I continue to be depressed no matter what I do.
  3. I often find myself overreacting to stress.
  4. I have a history of anger or weepiness that surprises even me.
  5. One or both parents are/were alcoholic.
  6. One or both parents are/were especially fond of sugar and sweet things.
  7. I now have or have had a problem with drugs or alcohol.
  8. I currently, or used to, either like, love, crave, binge-eat: sweet foods (e.g. Cakes, pastries, biscuits);
  9. I currently, or used to, either like, love, crave, binge-eat: sweets and chocolates;
  10. I currently, or used to, either like, love, crave, binge-eat: bread, pasta or cereal;
  11. I currently, or used to, either like, love, crave, binge-eat: savoury things like crisps, biltong or cheese.

If you answered ‘yes’ to 3 or more questions you may want to listen to the  “Mood Foods and Emotions” talk with Bev Wium. 0828887875.  www.bevwium.com Clcik on "Events" for next talk; this talk usually shared free of charge, at Hoogland Health Hydro on Thursday evenings every week, for guests staying at the Hydro.

Other Talk Topics include: 

  • Ageless Ageing
  • Boosting your Immune system
  • Balancing your blood sugars
  • Beauty and the beast (Cellulite, skin care and aging gracefully without botox)
  • Cancer - the big See - see for yourself
  • Cholesterol
  • Dairy Dangers
  • Delinquent to Darling
  • Delight in Detox
  • Fourteen weeks to health
  • Get ready for summer
  • Happy Hormones
  • Just Kids (Monsters & Angels)
  • Losing your mind
  • Menopause
  • Moods, foods and Emotions
  • Natural Highs and Lows
  • Perfect Weight
  • Take Control of your Stress
  • To Supplement or not to Supplement

You, your family, your office members can all detox while you treat your heart and soul to healthy meals in a relaxed and comfy, convivial environment.


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