ORGANICFLEXITARIAN - Sneak up on yourself in 365 days
- by Beverley Jean Wium

A healthy lifestyle day book with stories, quotes and health notes. Includes 110 quick and easy, delicious recipes. The book is a reading book that leads the reader day by day. A whole range of topics and stories e.g. Organicflexitarian Food Tree menu and notes, planting basil, hormones, diabetes, sleep, exercise, colon health, cancer, oxytocin (the love hormone), and personal anecdotes. Easy and tasty healthful recipes every 5 days or so - including the creamiest raw organic chocolates, Avolemon mousse (to die for - really), Sattvic popcorn, butternut and potato wedges. The book is colourful, inspiring and inviting with high quality printing and binding.


Bev Wium stocks a range of health foods and products. (Fourways – South Africa) 

This includes:

  • A small range of Mary-Ann's products and books.
  • Superfoods (raw cacao powder to make raw organic chocolate etc).
  • Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, cold-pressed oils.
  • Aim range of products (Barley Life etc). 

Bev's Price - Nutribullet R2222;

How to make Raw Organic chocolate with Bev Wium - 4 minute Youtube clip:

BevWiumRawganicChocolates YouTube Jacaranda August 2012

Organicflexitarian ProductsShould you require Magimix products, order directly from Bev for the best prices. 

Magimix Blenders - 1200W - 1.8 litre glass jug; powerful and quiet; smoothies, crushed ice, soups, frozen desserts

  1. Blender –  SILVER: R3200
  2. Blnder - RED: R3000
  3. Mill attachment optional: R1000 

Magimix Food Processors:

  1. CS5200 Stainless Steel (incl citrus press) 1100W - R5800
  2. CS5200 White (incl citrus press)  1100W - R5000
  3. Maximix Precessor and BlenderCS4200 White  950W - R4200
  4. CS 3200 White 650W - R3900
  5. Extras: Juice extractor basket - R1000 

Feel free to join Aim to order products at member prices. See forms and product lists below. Contact Bev with any queries regarding any of her products:

To shop at Healthmakers for various "toys" to make healthy mostly raw foods, click here:

Bev's Sattvic Spice - view details here...

A spice for a clear mind, body and soul...and a delicate blend of flavours to reduce food cravings. - R50 


If you don’t already own a Spyra-Gyra here is a link to observe how it works and what it does: Spyra Gyra YouTube Clip

A Spyra-Gyra is a spiral slicer, which spiralises vegetables into spaghetti, fettuccine and angel hair pasta, which can be eaten raw or cooked. My favourite is a butternut, beetroot and sweet potato salad with some greens shredded in.

I stock Spyra-Gyras – R849.00 each, unless on special. You can also order directly from the Healthmakers website – mention my name – they may think better of you and I get points for your order.; Take a look at the rest of their kitchen equipment – popular items are the Vitamix high speed blender, the Oscar juicer and the Excalibur dehydrator. Bigger items do not attract a delivery fee.


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