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Ute Frauen - January 2015

"Organicflexitarian is written with fun and a positive attitude towards life, an inspiring, informative book.
It looks so lekker that you almost want to have a bite of it. I cannot put it down."

Uet testimonial

Reader of Organicflexitarian, colleague, laughter coach, stockist of Organicflexitarian (Randburg – Sundowner) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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“My Get-Away experience was awesome! The company was so warm and friendly and it was such fun to make and eat healthy and delicious food together. I learnt so many new ways of living a healthy lifestyle. Deep in the bush in a stunning setting, we relaxed and unwound with just the sights and sounds of nature to soothe and restore our souls.
A truly unforgettable weekend!

Attendee Tranuqilatree weekend getaway 2009 - Olifants River

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“Last weekend now seems so unreal - like I was in a dream!!! The place is stunning but of course it was the six of us who made it so special! It just shows that if people have common interests age or gender are totally irrelevant! Incredible that Brian and Stan came along. Words cannot express how wonderful it was to meet you all! The way you shared your vast knowledge - incredible! It will take time to ‘digest' and implement all this! And you, Bev, are already so ‘enlightened and advanced' - especially considering your tender age! I say a huge thank you to the universe (also naturally to my friend Marion who forwarded your invitation to me, Bev). 
I felt like being in a big family again, wonderful!!! Love, light and hugs”.

 Attendee at Tranuqilatree weekend getaway 2009 - Olifants River

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"You can't imagine! I learnt so much this weekend on that Olifants River. You know you can read books; but you need to be in the experience to really learn. I learnt about what to eat; I loved the yoga, the meditation, the walks, the quiet, being in nature. Thank you so much for inviting me, Bev! I will never forget it."


Stan testimonial

Attendee - Tranuqilatree weekend-get-away - 2009

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Erika Huntly

“Brilliant! Fun! Interesting! What an inspirational time I’ve had reading this. Thanks so much!”  

Proof reader of Organicflexitarian (Erika subsequently prepaid 5 copies and has gifted them to friends!).

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Kerry van der Riet

Comment on inside flap of Organicflexitarian: “Dear Wonderful Bev: I love your book!  I love your sense of humour, the personal stuff about your family and about you; the fascinating info on all sorts of subjects relating to health, the fantastic recipes, the tips which I would never know about if it weren’t for you; your gorgeous quotes and your wisdom. The ego information is really fab – the concept about our self-recrimination also being a reflection of ego. It is rich, delectable, a feast for the eyes and makes my mouth water, inspires my heart and my mind, and makes me laugh and think and love life more. 

Thank you for the gift you are giving to our world.  You are indeed living your soul’s mission, and it is a great privilege to witness this work of yours. With very much love, admiration and gratitude”

Kerryvanderriet Testimonials

Reader, client, customer.

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Mary-Ann Shearer

“I have known Bev for several years and she is one passionate lady! Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle and to find answers for others is to be greatly admired; believe me, you want Bev batting on your team. Bev, I am so very proud of your hard work and dedication to others and the world. I pray that God continues to bless you with His wisdom, strength and grace. Much love.

Mary Ann Testimonial
Author of The Natural Way series of books
Pioneer in health and nutrition in South Africa and around the world.
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 Jane Griffiths

Foreword from Organicflexitarian:  “When I first met Bev I was immediately struck by how healthy and fresh she was. How full of joy and energy. So when she asked if I could read her manuscript, I knew I was in for a delightful journey. And I wasn't wrong. Organicflexitarian is a smorgasbord of inspirational, whimsical and practical information. Whether you read it as a day-by-day diary, or dip into it sporadically, it will take you on a voyage to better health and a happier life. Some of the entries will delight, others will intrigue and there will be the ones where you'll go "Nope - that's not for me." But this is what flexitarian means: being adaptable and accommodating to all points of view. Bev does not hammer us over the head, dictating a path that must be followed. Rather, she gently leads the way, leaving in her dancing footsteps quirky or sensible, but always heartfelt signposts along the way for us to choose which paths we want to take.

I am a sucker for recipe books and have a large collection and I am adding this one to it as an essential recipe book for a better quality of life.” 

  JanesDelicious Testimonials
Author of:  Jane’s Delicious Garden; Jane’s Delicious Kitchen; Jane’s Delicious Herbs


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