Here is my story… well one of them:

Beverley Jean Wium - 15th of February 2014

I have been following this natural way of living since 1995 when I discovered the book called The Natural Way by Mary-Ann Shearer. I have two grown-up children, my son Chase who is 29 and my daughter Kerry-Leigh who is 27; and a 3 month old grandson, Tristan. I am an Organicflexitarian ConsultantTeacherChef - I teach people how to eat. 

My life – how it has changed:

I used to be fuzzy headed, suffer slightly from depression – could quite easily arrive at my mother crying about the woes of my life and what my husband or someone had done. 

I took hours to fall asleep. I would look at the clock again and again and start to panic that I had to be up at 6a.m. and now only had 6 hours left to sleep…now only 5…more panic…and at times I would fall asleep and wake at 2 in the morning and not be able to get back to sleep until just before my alarm clock was ready to get me up. Being an insomniac, I also suffered from mood swings due to lack of sleep (and incorrect food choices); most of the time I was “nice” but could easily become “not nice” with my coping skills deserting me. 

I had menstrual problems. Irregular periods. Really heavy bleeding with the most excruciating pain. I used to dread that my period would begin on the day of my matric exam or an important day. I would need to take painkillers which would help to a point; usually pulling me off to relief in the world of drugged sleep. The painkiller that I used to take when I was 16 years old remained in my system for years; when I went on a water-fast for 7 days during 2007 (due to Mercury poisoning – another story!) I could taste the exact brand of painkiller in my mouth – 26 years later! Anyway it took many years of slow changes towards this Organicflexitarian way of life and at some point I realised the period pains had gone…what a pleasure. 

Dry skin: my skin used to be really dry; I would need oils in my bath every night because without them my skin felt parched after bathing. But of course I used soap in those days which dried out my skin. I have not used soap on my skin since 1998 and I use a mild deodorant occasionally. I still have a drier skin than most people which is something I was born with (a hereditary thing). But overall - huge improvement. I do believe that if I completely, 100% cut out wheat, sugar and cheese this would improve further. 

I used to drink copious cups of tea; a habit I gleaned from my Mom. The caffeine in this tea and the odd cup of frothy coffee (which I craved) made me anxious, sometimes panicky and would affect my blood sugar levels. I would get food cravings and needed fixes plus my adrenal glands did not work well and metabolism was down. 

Now the biggest confession: I am a recovering chocoholic. Long ago, I would eat a 100g slab of milk chocolate every day, perhaps another chocolate bar later on and tuck into condensed milk after supper….and more. Sugar and caffeine affect the thyroid gland, the pancreas and the adrenal glands. I was going about living the wrong way! I suffered from low blood sugar, lack of sex drive, mood swings and more. 

I love that my hormones are no longer moaning; well a little when I lose respect for them. Praying “please let my periods become painless” and then eating cheese, wheat and chocolates is like knocking on the door and holding it closed at the same time. Eish! How can my prayers be answered? 

My diet has been refined more and more over the past 20 years. I really love green leaves. I can’t get enough of them. I no longer crave sweets, cakes, chocolates. And the times when I succumb to these things, are times when I have not planned my food properly and I have let my blood sugars dip too far; then my memory kicks in and I reach for the quick fixes – although even these fixes have changed. The quick “naughty” fixes will be to stuff myself on 5 rice cakes with avo and Basil Pesto! Or Bev’s Real Chocolates. 

Some of the changes:

No fuzzy head – clarity

Improved memory

Menstrual pain is history

Less dry skin

No use of soaps / little deodorant

Calmer – less moody – happier

Increased sex drive (healthy)

Stable blood sugars

Fall asleep as my head touches the pillow

Needing less sleep

Increased metabolism

Weight loss

Improved relationships

Hormonal system functioning beautifully


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