FOR TEETH SAKE! Come to our Health Stay Retreat Detox

(Article written Bev Wium 11 August 2015)

Break the sugar habit - 4th – 7th of September 2015 – find the time – buy a plane ticket - it’s worth it – taste life fully – and save your teeth. FOR TEETH SAKE! STOP EATING SUGAR! Events



  • They chew your food which releases enzymes and saliva which help with proper and efficient digestion.
  • They “smile” your face
  • The act of chewing helps produce serotonin. Serotonin is a feel good neurotransmitter released in the brain – less irritability, bi-polar or depression.
  • Your palate (roof of your mouth) is connected to the brain and emotions; as your tongue touches or presses against your palate messages are being transmitted - including classifying food as tasty, abundant and pleasurable - the experience of the food. Conscious perceptions of taste, emotional quality of taste and memories of taste.



  • The brain/emotion connection is stunted.
  • You are not able to really bite into or chew your food.
  • Your plate/teeth tend to fall out when you laugh.
  • Your body needs to deal with the foreign materials of the plate, and will waste energy fighting and adapting to the foreign substance.
  • It costs money and time to have teeth removed and a plate made.
  • There are many foods you will no longer be able to chew or bite into.
  • A plate is uncomfortable if not painful.
  • You may talk funny.
  • And if you have amalgam fillings in your teeth (the silver looking ones), you could have mercury poisoning: memory loss, bleeding gums, depression, low VitB12, timidity etc.


So KEEP those teeth.  Eat REAL, clean, living food. Save money and time. Avoid the dentist chair and cavities.  And avoid sugar.  SUGAR IS HIDDEN in many foods: tomato sauce, Weet-bix, All Bran flakes, yoghurt, muesli, fruit juice, bread etc. Sugar is HIGHLY addictive.


An excellent movie to see is “That Sugar Movie”. Currently on circuit (11 Aug 2015).


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