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8 December - Sweetie Gift Jar of Love (calorie-free)

 On Mother’s Day 2012 my daughter, Kerry-Leigh, gave me the most wonderful gift (she was 25 at the time and no longer lived with me). I love gift s that cannot be bought in a shop and that take time to create, full of vibrations and essence of love and caring. It was a simple honey jar filled with colourful bits of folded paper. Each day or whenever I felt like a pick-me-up I would excitedly unscrew the lid of the jar and dip in for a sweetie… never knowing what kind of message would be waiting for me. Sometimes I would be reduced to tears – well most times – wet cheeks and smiles and nostalgia and happiness rolling down my face. I eked out these sweeties for as long as possible. I am crying now as I re-read the messages.


Kerry’s Mother’s Day Gift Jar: some of the messages that Kerry wrote, which the “Being of Bev” was gifted to experience (I had recorded the dates as I opened each one):


14 May 2012: “Thank you for our Swiss Club trips where you taught me to swim.” My reply via phone text: “(with a heart icon). Thanks. I LOVE this sweetie jar – calorie free. Xxx”

15 May 2012: “I love how we are able to wear each other’s clothes

– like friends”

16 May 2012: “Wait as long as possible to shave your legs hey?

Makes me chuckle”.

21 May 2012: “No one can quite play/pick with my toes like you can”

22 May 2012: “You have taught me so many things and I still learn from you every day”.

23 May 2012 “You always took me to visit my friends.”

24 May 2012 “I miss our family Sunday roasts – you and G would always leave me the burnt scrapings of the potato and butternut”; my reply via phone text: “Miss them too – happy times with Gran and scrabble and cards and Balderdash.”

28 May 2012:“I’ll never forget when you made me hold a lobster just for a photo in Durban”

Another one was: “You would randomly grab my hand in Fourways Mall and start skipping through the centre”


It is Kerry-Leigh’s birthday today. My daughter, my friend – what a woman. How blessed am I.


The Sweetie Jars in my mini shop have the following label on:

Fill me with sweetie notes

And messages

For a friend, a loved one

Gift me to him or her

To savour one per day

OR more on ‘bad hair’ days (indulge yourself!)


Right now, why don’t you think of the next gift you want to give, perhaps for a birthday in a month’s time and start a sweetie jar for your friend or loved one? Pop in one memory a day for them. On their birthday, simply wrap it up with more love. You will receive so much every day, creating the memories and may find yourself so excited to give your gift to them.


A page from Organicflexitarian by Beverley Jean Wium


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